What is Racketlon?

Racketlon is the sport in which you play with your opponent in the same match for four racket sports in the order table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis for one set of 21 points for each racket. The one who gets most points in total is the winner and the best all round racket player.

The overall winner of a Racketlon match is not the one that wins most sets but the one that scores the most points in total, Rules.

Racketlon is a very popular sport in Europe, Canada and USA and the game is spreading very quickly to many countries all over the world. There are good number of players from different parts of world on the world ranking.





The Racketlon Federation of India (RFI) is affiliated to Federation of International Racketlon . It's aims to spread Racketlon sport around the country. It provides Racketlon players with technical & management support to achieve this goal. It has established a network of contacts in throughout India.

In the year 2010, RFI organised the first ever National Racketlon Championship in India with great success and in subsequent years many national level Championships have been organised at different places with a good number of participants, In addition to, Indian racketlon team have been participating in many international competitions including world racktelon championship. Please have a look at the gallery section for the activities we were involved since our establishment in 2008, In addition to that Racketlon Federation of Indian team participating in world Racketlon Championship 2017.

Most importantly, we welcome all of you to join the Racketlon family and we need your support.